Hey, everyone!! This is Rachel, and this summer I will be living in Chicago on project with Cru. This page will be filled with updates, pictures, things I've been learning, and prayer requests.
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(via Light Bulbs and DTR: The Edison | By, Through, For)

The Edison, our meeting space. 

Here are the words Crossroads came up with to describe this space (performed as spoken word by Chealsia):

Where would we be without the convenience of the light bulb? Edison’s creation of glass and filament that brings lasting light at the click of a switch.

Imagine obeying the rules of the sun, going to work at sunrise and ending the day as it sets. We’d have one view of the world — dark, limited, constrained.  

The light bulb expanded our imagination — what we can see, discover and investigate.

Edison’s was a story of influence. A bright-eyed tinkerer whose invention changed the way we live.

Many of us have been influenced by Jesus, and that is why we offer this space, to be a place for life transformation.

The Edison is a space to connect intellect and application, to fuse expression and philosophy.   

The Edison is a safe house, home base – a place to sit on a couch and listen, imagine, and wonder.

The Edison is open to all people in this city.

Here we find our lights of influence. We play music, share experiences, and explore how light entered the world for the sake of God’s creation.  

As Thomas Edison once said: “Be brave as your fathers before you. Have faith and go forward.”

How can you not love that??? Ah! I’m so excited to see what I learn in this space, who comes after being invited, and how this space will change the community this summer!